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At the moment the following video codecs are supported:


  • Cinepak Codec by Radius, Cinepak by Supermac
  • Intel Indeo(R) Video R3.2
  • Microsoft Video 1
  • Microsoft RLE
  • XviD
  • DivX 3 Lower Motion, DivX 4, DivX 5
  • TechSmith Screen Capture Codec (TSCC)


  • MPEG-1 (VCD)
  • MPEG-4 (XviD, MP4, 3GPP)


  • Sorenson Video 3 Pro with the audio codec MP3, IMA 4:1 (nicht QDesign Standard und Qualcomm PureVoice) or wihtout audio
  • Exported from Quicktime Pro
  • Not supported: Exported from Adobe Premiere
  • Not supported: QDM2 Audio Codec

Windows Media Video

  • WMV 7, WMV 8
  • MPEG-4 V3
  • ISO MPEG-4 V1
  • Not supported: WMV 9



The Riva FLV Encoder is based on the open source software FFMPEG. FFMPEG is transcoding engine which translates one codec into another. The sound is encoded by the open source mp3 encoder Lame.

Despite to much testings we can not guarantee that all video codecs are support because sometimes they are different in there implementation.

FLV Version

The Riva FLV Encoder now supports the FLV format in version 1.1. Many thanks to Norman Timmler from inlet media for the programming of the FLVTool2!


When you have a video which is on our list and encoding fails please send an email to "encoder at rivavx dot com".

Riva FLV Encoder suppots unlisted codecs?

That is possible. Thank the people from ffmpeg and send us an email so we can add the codec to our list.

Known problems

The resulting video bitrate can be higher than the expected one. FFMPEG uses VBR and the "failure" depends on the source video. We are working on a solution and will hopefully fix it in a feature version.

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