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Riva VX offers a wide range of options to create apealing video content.

Knowledge Management

  • Navigation with videos
  • Interactive salestrainer with real customer reaction - Simulation
  • Languagetraining with real people dialog
  • Knowledge transfer of complex technical processes and interdependancies
  • Interactive service instructions and user manuals based on video


  • Real estate presentation
  • Speeches via video with free selction of topics
  • Instruction for production line workers with variants


  • Clickable objects on recorded fashion show to sell products
  • Spare part online order system based on video
  • Product videos with integrated cross-selling-functionality


  • 360 Panoramic views with zoomable spots
  • Real video scenarios to explore them
  • Videos with integrated menue consisting of real objects
  • Grimace on demand with real faces
  • Quest for....
  • Create real mazes
  • Give real people orders
  • Interactive board games with real figures and boards


  • Productvideos with full control of the product by the user
  • Videobanners with new options

Example "Five Fingers"

Move the finger you want in this video by clicking any fingertip. 

Production: 50 links to 10 clips; Time need: approx. 2,5 minutes (without videoediting)

broadband recommended
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